Birthday Month!

Well, I came back for a brief update. I use this site/blog as a personal journal and am happy with the results, feedback, visitors, etc. This posting has helped me do some ‘Processing’ when I just need to vent or post occasional bits of wit and wisdom, I think. As of today it has been three years and ten months of sobriety, recovery, and rehabilitation. Recovery is not a straight road. I have learned a lot and that is to say I have a lot to learn and unlearn. Friends are good and family is there when I need them. This holiday season I have a deeper gratitude to Veterans, Survivors, Over-Comers, Prophets, Community Activists, etc. I have had many others in my life fall back to old patterns and relapses and sometimes I wonder how I am doing this successful, happy, and fulfilling lifestyle when people with much more to love and live for are still making unhealthy decisions.

First, I am blessed by my God and Savior. Second, my life is based on Grace and Mercy, Third, I give and serve others continuously.

I will never be able to repay the world for my former hurtful actions and lifestyle. I can only live forward in obedience to mindfulness, respect, Grace, Mercy and Love.

For my birthday gift from you, I want; You to have a blessed life, Peace in your life and heart, Hope in your mind, and plenty of food, snacks, and treats. It is after all, The Holy Days.


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