The Nerdery (

I owe so much appreciation to KFAI Fresh Air community radio; staff, volunteers, partners, etc. This organization has chosen to help me in my life in so many ways. To allow me to be involved as a volunteer and regain many life skills and to improve my professionalism. I come from many circles of people whom have been underrepresented and ignored by most other communities. My life is only made better by being involved and helpful to this community. KFAI adds value and purpose to my life. As a person who leans more to the ‘right’ in my political, social, etc. beliefs I have grown more educated and compassionate towards those who may not agree with me and I am learning to be more accepting of others by listening. That is what we get from this radio station. We are blessed to be able to listen to many topics and views with facts, opinions, and presentations. I have grown to become a better advocate for others even when we do not agree we can still help each other. This is why I love KFAI; the people are forgiving when you make ‘The Wrong Mistake’, the training is high quality, and the community is more like a wide family. As a writer/editor and technical ‘nerd’ I can see many ways our website could use some work done and I would be grateful to win this opportunity. Thank you very much.


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