Happy New You!

-The Problem of Sex Offenders-

Anger and fear is the main problem with Predatory Offenders. Misinformation, high-profile cases, and ignorance regarding public knowledge and education about these types of crimes and criminals create a culture of fear and misunderstanding. No healthy person wants to put others at risk. Shame and secrecy only drives people further into the shadows. A record of the crime forever archived on the internet which many times include a governmental/public registration and reminder for as long as a person is alive. A person’s housing, employment, education, and other resources and opportunities are extremely limited to an almost global banishment. The basic cost of living others can seek help with may seem like only a dream to many offenders who are working to change, improve, restore, and heal. Public ‘Shunning’ and ‘Casting Out’ does not often work as a penalty because it causes more confusion, stress, and secrecy due to the “offender’s” lack of a voice among the community and several more rumors, miscommunications, and the failure to allow a fair and equal exchange of ideas, opinions, and experiences.

-Trust the Process-

There is a method developed to help others change their behavior, thoughts, attitudes, and lifestyles. The method is Recovery; group therapy, individual sessions, sexual offender treatment, and rebuilding supportive communities/relationships. Change is difficult and recovery can get messy. We have spent years and sometimes decades acting like victims in our addictions, compulsions, and other issues. What I like to tell my friends is “Nothing changes when nothing changes.” Please believe me when I say there is hope, a hope and a love that passes all human understanding. I have personally witnessed the restoration of lives which can only be attributed to Divine Grace and Mercy. The label of a “Higher Power” does not come close to my own personal beliefs and experiences. Sex offenders in recovery can be some of the most insightful and helpful persons to have in one’s life. Yes, there will be some clear restrictions and boundaries when involved with someone with this type of history. Be prepared to unlearn and reach beyond your grasp.


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