Therapy Is For “Losers”

Honesty and accountability are life-saving tools. I awake every morning with gratitude in my heart and a desire for sobriety and sanctification. “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” seems to be the appropriate theme song here. I, along with many others, suffered a tragedy in the loss of my former community center, shared office space, and general ‘Home’ away from the shelters and streets. I enjoy my new life of sobriety and my body shivers with revulsion when I think, speak, or am reminded in other ways of the past chemical and behavior problems. I actually thrive in structure and am being restored in many ways thanks to the 12-Step meetings, churches, and other supportive communities which have taken the opportunity to help me in the Redemption process. I lost many friendships, connections, and other aspects of my life. All of this is being restored and am doing even better than the past 10-12 years have been. Now, some people are actually asking me for advice, counsel, and other help. I sometimes think “How am I making it?” and “How did I dodge those ‘bullets’?” I have seen and heard of other people in my group falling back into old and addictive behaviors and it hurts to see them in pain. The rule for me is to help wisely. I can not afford to allow others to jeopardize the success. The next slogan would be “But for the grace of God, there go I”. I feel sympathetic for those who are still trying. Trying is not doing. My therapist says for me to “Trust the process”. Yeah, therapy is for those who have suffered loss. Thank God.


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