Recovery (or a better life at any price to oneself)


The Wrong Mistake

A Former “Felon’s” Guide To Restoration

Rebuilding your life after a criminal conviction in an era of public online disclosure.




The information contained in this publication is only meant to be a general guide for tips, resources, processes, and opportunities for those seeking abstinence, sobriety, and healing from addictive substances and many other damaging or harmful behaviors.


If you are reading these words then you or someone you know may have recently been involved with possible criminal charges and/or conviction. Relax, take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat these words, “We Can Be Free From Past Mistakes”. Welcome to a group of fellow former convicts, offenders, and people in recovery from abusive substances, lifestyles, and other harmful and addictive behavior. You truly can be free from your past mistakes, if you choose to make better decisions, have a strong commitment to sobriety, and make the changes to…

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