“Fiscal Cliff”: Wisdom From The Bottom

The stock market crashes. It actually does this on occasion. The financial system in the U.S. is rigged with safety nets and does not allow itself to default by employing the brakes on trades, transactions, etc. This has happened many times without much press or media attention. Many ‘news’ sources will not tell you this. Our economic system is designed with safety measures to keep the money secure while homelessness, poverty, and imprisonment in the world’s wealthiest nation grows. The U.S. spent $6 Billion dollars in 1999 to ensure The Y2K ‘glitch’ would not stop the flow of commerce. One of my Jewish friends told me, “The best way to rob a bank is to own one.” How can we let our congressional leaders continue to collect their pensions and other benefits while serving time in prison for fraud and embezzlement? Do you ever ask yourself why we have privately funded public elections? Do we ever ask if there is more than one or two options? In fact there are several. In this season, Stop. Just focus for a brief moment on this truth: There are several million others on this planet happy (and would be content) with less than half of what you have.


One thought on ““Fiscal Cliff”: Wisdom From The Bottom

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